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Not all Fake ID Websites are popular among the many younger students & buyers of counterfeit IDs. The website “” alternatively is a well known firm which has lasted for over seven years. Actually, the phrase “” is a very talked-about code-name for this supplier which is commonly used in Faculty Campuses & Colleges.

Who’s the Real FAKEIDS.STORE?

As in each niche there is impersonation & look-a-like products. Hence, the identical has happened to There are round about ten web sites claiming to be the real FAKEIDS.STORE. Purchasing your pretend from any of them is a excessive-danger job. You aren’t sure which vendor is the real FAKEIDS.STORE.

These are among the web sites working & claiming to be the precise one. From what we all know, is the real firm working for it. If you are nonetheless not sure & need to avoid getting scammed by any of these then chances are you’ll buy from one in all our high-ranked vendors.


1. In Service Since 2010

It wouldn’t be exaggerating in case you see some “Fake ID Evaluation” web sites giving them 5 out of 5 factors for producing replicas of Driving licenses for not solely the US but many others.

They’ve often changed their domain extensions but has remained on-line for the longest period of time that no other ID vendor has been on-line for.

Again in 2010, allegedly operated beneath the name “ID Chief” but with the passage of time & the website beneath scrutiny, they reportedly changed their business name to “FAKEIDS.STORE” & now operates beneath this name.

2. Handy & Clear Process

You’ll be impressed at how simply they guide you with the entire ordering process. The pricing, alternatively, is a little bit steep & that’s the reason some individuals do not go ordering from them.

We’ve examined their web site personally & it suggests that their “Fake ID Generating” & “ID Knowledge Assortment” system doesn’t log your info properly.


This creates issues for you in encoding your (2-D Bar Codes) which are important for making your ID scan together with your credentials. Moreover, their help staff may be lively but they don’t talk properly.

Customers often complain of getting abrupt solutions to their help tickets. Based on one customer from USA; must work on this as a result of most of their customer-base belongs to the US. They are reportedly working from “China” which is why many consider that they couldn’t rent skilled “Western Speaking” staff for a fake ID Business.

But we do consider that they make fairly hefty sums of income from providing Driver’s licenses of the UK & other international locations not to mention those from the USA.

Technical Web Evaluation

1. Well-Identified Revealed Articles

Most of the counterfeit-associated articles on the news have been about them. These articles are usually not on how good their licenses are rated. Most of them are about their “Fake ID Packages” seized by the Customs.

Actually, many shoppers have received phone calls from the Legislation Enforcement on the right way to clarify the bundle that incorporates a fraudulent license is being shipped to their address. So, the complaints against them are all the time there. boasts how good their licenses are & that many publishers like “The New York Times” or others have talked about them. It’s true, but they didn’t reward their high quality but solely reminded “” to know that their discreet strategies are inferior to they advertise them to be.

2. Alert: No Proof or Samples On their Website

The “” web site could be very outdated. They critically have to work on that design & perhaps update the theme. One of many other major issues is that many other “” web sites have appeared from time-to-time & started claiming that they’re the “Real FAKEIDS.STORE” and that’s not-so-difficult.

The poorly constructed webpages & the shortage of any “Fake ID Pattern” or the Picture assortment of their IDs contribute to this factor. Hence, we consider that they need to necessarily update the pages to the fashionable specifications.

Do We Suggest

It depends on a lot of factors.

· Pricing (Your Finances)
· Desired Use (Pranks or Scannable ID in Real Use)
· Threat Factor (You will get scammed in case you use the fallacious “ Website”)
· Information Of Cryptocurrency (You may lose your funds in case you are not aware of crypto &’s main payment system is Bitcoin).

Briefly, if you have limited use of your novelty ID which suggests you need to shock your friends or probably use it in some out of state gasoline station to purchase liquor then, you’ll be able to definitely go for this website.

However, if you have an affordable finances & want an ID that scans all over the place then, steer clear of them. You may as well use one other “Fake ID Maker” which will provide you with many other options of payment which are convenient and supply a sense of safety before purchasing by allowing you to view their samples. lacks these options & therefore we can’t be sure whether it is price shopping for your ID from them or not. is also fairly popular in the fake ID game. Its web site is straightforward and straightforward to navigate, and it looks like it might give you some legitimate trying ID cards.

The largest advantage of using is that it serves all states in the US and even some elements in Canada. Thus, you’ll be able to travel by way of most of North America with its cards. You received’t have to go to two completely different providers and danger a difference in quality.

Nevertheless, the safety of the card may be a little bit underwhelming. It does offer backlight and UV safety, but the material that it uses to develop the card doesn’t look too authentic.

No Dangers

With fake IDs, you’ll be able to’t danger the appearance of the card as a result of generally, that’s all you’ll be able to rely on. Hence, buyers may need to think about that. Plus, solely specializes in driver’s and operator’s license cards.
Thus, in case you’re searching for a little bit of selection, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. The good factor is that playing cards from are reasonably priced and it has got some respectable value plans for every state it serves.

We seen that there was an option to become older format playing cards as properly, particularly in case you are from Ohio or Wisconsin, but the disadvantage is you could’t choose to be older than 23 years.

It could end up limiting your options a little bit bit. That is true for those that need to avoid suspicions by picking an older age. is type of strict with its picture specifications. It has detailed everything on the order section of its web site, but readers should know that along with their photographs, they’ll have to supply their signatures as well.
Relaxation assured, using some outdated pages off your pocket book and borrowed faculty supplies received’t work either. This may solely be achieved via a black sharpie on a crisp, white pc paper, so finest be prepared for that.

Furthermore, hologram overlays and perforations will not come together with your card and also you’ll have to ship in a separate electronic mail to order that. doesn’t do anything like state IDs. Some places could be a bit picky with their IDs so this could be a little bit of deal breaker. was as soon as shutdown

There isn’t a lot motive why you’d simply go for a driver’s license as a substitute of a state ID anyway. Even when the bar doesn’t refuse them, they may be a bit biased towards accepting them.
This is the reason you’ll additionally discover that they have a little bit of a blended popularity in terms of on-line reviews.

Hence, there are a handful of things you will have to keep in mind before you signal up. On the brilliant facet, as soon as your order is complete, you’ll get an additional fake ID card as properly in case you lose it.

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