Sun. Sep 25th, 2022 or Fake IDs Retailer is an rising player within the fake id industry. The vendor formally launched counterfeit ids in 2021 and now gives more than 20 state ids. Whether their quality stands out or submerges with their fame is one other question.

What states does Supply?

The maker sells each new template as supplied in 2021. They are DMV matchable and continue to design templates. asserts that they don’t must make replicas in Photoshop. As a substitute, they use real licenses to repeat safety elements.

What is’s Pricing?

The pricing is cheap for group orders however for single ones it is likely to be on a better scale. The beginning worth for their fraudulent ids is $80 but it is likely to be reduced down to $60 in case you had been to order 10 or extra ids. In addition they supply free duplicates so that you won’t be additional charged.

What makes Trustable?

The presence of the vendor on Reddit is a powerful vouch for its legitimacy. has operated on Reddit’s channel /r/fakeid and different related subs even before they began promoting individually on

The consumer operates underneath the identify and is verifiable and has many combined evaluations on Reddit. In addition they use a discord account for customer service & are active on fake id vendors.


FAKEIDS.STORE PAYMENT OPTIONS accepts Paypal, Bitcoin & different main Cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, we advise against using Paypal with this vendor as a result of nature of fake id business. Prospects have alleged getting their Paypal accounts restricted or suspended by Paypal customer service after participating with’s Paypal account. Transport Options

They use FedEx and standard Chinese language shipping. Their packages are believed to be shipped from Hong Kong. They don’t ship packages directly from China as a result of scrutiny by the US Customs. It does take a while for the packages to arrive.

Fast Transport: You will be charged an extra $30 for this. These are believed to reach in 10-15 days.
Normal Transport: This is included within the fake id worth however will take 15-25 days to reach.
Quality of IDs
The evaluations are a mix. Although, we’ve listed them on our Greatest fake ID web sites record however they do have a couple of positive evaluations about ids which might be outdated. For instance, they make good New Jersey & Nevada ids. Both of these ids are outdated so they don’t seem to be related within the present market.

The craftsmanship of their Maine ids is questionable. The fake id lacks complicated features. One of many customers who verified the purchase suggests over vivid shadows & filth marks all through the whole card.

MAINE FAKE ID CRITICISM additionally uses inferior-grade PVC to print its ids. Many of the 2021 templates of the licenses are printed on Polycarbonate. Because of the costly pricing of this materials; they could not have access to it.

In addition they lack the technicians to alter ear shadows or background of the person’s picture using Photoshop. The scanning codes on their ids do not comprise encoding. So it doesn’t fit into the scannable fake id class anymore.

Total the vendor may be promoting novelty ids ok for pranks however they can’t be relied upon to pass subtle scanners installed at grocery stores or gasoline stations. You can not fool a educated Bouncer or doormen with the fakes. They appear to be unable to repair vital flaws of their fake ids. We don’t recommend them for real-use purposes however their ids can be good for playing around together with your gang or Doppelganger pranks.

This vendor is called ‘Fakeids.stores‘in common fake ID culture. A community of internet sites that includes,, and are all interconnected somehow.

They provide free duplicates and video of each ID that they make. They provide a useful system for multiple orders or shopping for bulk to your friends.

It’s a useful strategy to present that they’re prepared to reside up to their identify & the standard they promise the customer. The disadvantage is that their licenses would not have proper magnetic stripe encoding.

Fake IDs will solely make it to a restricted place if it has proper encoded QR codes. Upon Scanning, licenses of this vendor do not pass accurate information to the scanning devices.

The PDF417 software program is thought to have main problems with the products of
It is a reality that almost all peculiar novelty ID makers use one software program for all barcode generation. This doesn’t work in proper ways. As a result of each state ID has a distinct formatted QR code.

For example, the license number on Washington uses a complex system which incorporates numbers of the date of birth, age, and license issuing date. This makes up a singular number for every Washington DL.

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